Kitchen Renovation – Recommendations, Reminders And Popular Design Ideas

Kitchen Renovation – Recommendations, Reminders And Popular Design Ideas

Kitchen renovation is a major undertaking. Before you dive in, you’ll need to take a look at how you’re using your current kitchen and think about what you want your kitchen remodel to accomplish.

  • What do you like about your current kitchen?
  • What features are you missing in your kitchen?
  • What doesn’t work with the current layout?
  • How is your kitchen’s cabinet space and storage?
  • What energy e cient or water-saving features are you interested in adding?
  • How would your ideal kitchen look? Does it have a modern fl air? Or is it more
    rustic or traditional?
  • What colors do you envision in our kitchen? Do you prefer traditional white or
    bold colors?

    Kitchen Renovation – Recommendations, Reminders And Popular Design Ideas

    • To maximize return on the Kitchen Renovation project, limit cost to no more than 16% of home’s total, post project value
    • Match appliances and fixtures to electrical circuit, hot water and gas capacities
    • To keep Kitchen Renovation costs low, do not move walls or relocate plumbing fixtures or electrical boxes
    • To reduce Kitchen Renovation costs, do not install flooring under base cabinets or permanent appliances
    • Perform major Kitchen Renovation work with permits to help protect value at resale time
    • Mount low profile fixtures underneath wall cabinets for inconspicuous, countertop task lighting
    • Use low voltage interior lighting to illuminate pathways used at night
    • Hide HVAC vents in cabinet kickspace for a cleaner, more streamlined look
    • Install a built-in media hub to centralize storage and access of audio, video, media, internet
    • Install built-in cabinet storage for trash and recycling


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